We’re thrilled to unveil the latest iteration of our flagship product, Hank ClaimMaker 2.0.6. This release is packed with exciting optimizations and features that will streamline your claims management process. For those who prefer a visual walkthrough, we’ve included YouTube links for each section. Let’s dive in!

Consolidated Action Menus for Batches, Cases, & Documents
Say goodbye to endless scrolling and unnecessary clicks. With the new consolidated action menus, you can now seamlessly perform actions on Batches, Cases, and Documents all from one intuitive interface.
[Watch the tutorial on Batch/Case Action Items Menu](00:19 )

NCCI Edits & Validation of Coded Line Items
Ensure the accuracy of your claims with our new NCCI edits. This feature validates coded line items to prevent improper payments due to incorrect code combinations.
[Watch the tutorial on Claim Cleaner- Code Validation](02:40)

National Provider Identifier (NPI) Integration & Mapping
Global Provider Searches: Our integration with the NPI API allows for global provider searches, making it easier than ever to find the right provider.

Per-Facility Provider List: This feature captures and stores a list of providers for each facility. This list can be pre-populated using the PDF-Extractor for single match search results or manually by users using the Global Provider Search.

Type-Ahead Search Functionality: Quickly add a Provider or Surgeon from the Local Per-Facility Providers List using our new type-ahead search functionality.
[Watch the tutorial on NPI Integration](05:20 )

Enhanced Data Entry View for Anesthesia Providers & Surgeons
Automated Population: Both the PDF-Extractor and DocuVision can now auto-populate Anesthesia Providers & Surgeon information based on matches from the Local Per-Facility Providers List or single match search results from the Global Providers List.

Confidence Value Indicators: Users can now easily identify when an Anesthesia Provider or Surgeon has been matched (or not) based on the confidence value and field population.

Missing Information Alerts: The system will now alert users when Anesthesia Provider or Surgeon information is missing and required.

Insurance Local Storage & Mapping
Local Storage for Insurance: We’ve introduced a local storage location for insurance information, ensuring faster access and retrieval.

Capture & Save: Users can now capture and save insurance information, streamlining the data entry process.

Potential Matches Display: The system will display a list of potential matches for insurance information, whether populated by the user or the PDF-Extractor.

PDF-Extractor Integration: Our PDF-Extractor, including DocuVision, can now populate insurance information based on matches from the local insurance database.

Confidence Value Indicators for Insurance: Users can easily identify matched, unmatched, or missing insurance information based on confidence values.
[Watch the tutorial on Insurance Match – Fuzzy Search](9:12 )

In conclusion, Hank ClaimMaker 2.0.6 is a testament to our commitment to innovation and user experience. We’ve listened to your feedback and are confident that these new features will significantly enhance your claims management process. As always, we’re here to support you every step of the way @ [email protected]

Happy claiming!