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Do More

Minimize Manual Work and Reduce Costs By Up To 50%
With Hank’s Content Services Platform

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Talk To An Expert

Put An End to Repetitive
Labor Intensive Tasks

Why let repetitive tasks drain your business and human capital? There’s a better way… Hank’s Content Services Platform boosts human performance and business productivity.

Work Directly With
Experts In Your Field

Remove the guesswork with customized solutions built by experts in your industry

Immediately Lower
Existing Labor Costs

Reduce existing labor costs by up to 50% with Hank

Grow & Scale
Without Added Risk

Scale without costly & risky hiring with Hank’s on-demand tech-enabled industry experts

Industry Solutions

Speed up workflow, unlock data insights, and drive down errors and costs with Hank.

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Harness The Power of Hank In Your Business

Harness The Power of
Hank In Your Business

Built & Supported By Industry Experts

Onboard Quickly With An Automation Solution Designed For Your Workflow

No more guessing how automation fits into your business. With Hank’s industry-specific experts and pre-built industry solutions, you can quickly plan, onboard, and integrate an automation solution that perfectly fits your business workflow.

Industry-Leading Technology

Superpower Your People & Processes with Hank

Immediately lower existing labor costs with AI that allows your people to classify, extract, and organize data from difficult to read documents, handwritten forms, PDFs, images, emails, and more.

Done With You or Done For You

Grow & Scale With Hank or Outsource To Our In-House Industry Experts

Superpower your people with Hank to grow your business. Or quickly scale your business processes with Hank’s in-house and on-demand experts who do it all for you.

Power Your People With Hank Or Have Our Industry Experts Do It All For You

Either way, Hank has you covered.

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We Are A People First AI Company

We Are A People First
AI Company

We believe it is not right that almost 70% of work is repetitive manual tasks that drain business and human capital.

HANK’s Team

HANK Helps Humans.

From the beginning, we founded HANK to help humans by eliminating repetitive and laborious manual tasks. These tasks not only drain human and business capital but also deny people the opportunity to engage in their highest, best, and most creative capacities.

HANK’s Mission & Values

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Here to help you:

  • Find the perfect automation solution, whether it’s using a pre-built industry solution or exploring the creation of a custom solution to fit your use case.

  • Learn how to use HANK to classify, extract, and organize data from difficult-to-read documents, including complex handwritten forms, PDFs, images, emails, and more.

  • Use HANK’s in-house industry experts to outsource processes that cut costs and enable your business to scale and grow.

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