Healthcare Revenue Cycle Automation Made Easy!

Reduce Your Manual Work and Costs by Up To 50% With Hank's Smart-Tech Enabled Solutions

Smart-Tech Enabled Solutions that Lower Labor Costs
And Maximize Payments & Profitability

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Labor & Tech Shouldn’t Limit The Growth Of Your Business

Never worry about your healthcare revenue cycle labor or tech again. With solutions powered by Hank’s healthcare revenue cycle experts and smart-tech, you can dramatically lower labor costs while maximizing captured payments and profitability.

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Document Management

Medical Coding

Data Entry

Revenue Integrity

Eliminate Back Office Labor Intensive Tasks

Big Business Solutions
Without The Big Business Costs

Free Integration

Simple, Painless, and Fast Integration. As Simple As Sending An Email

Any Document

Capture Purchase Orders, Lien Waivers, Bill of Ladings, and Many Other Documents

Document Linking

Automatically Link Extracted Information To Your Back Office System

Harness The Power of
Hank In Your Business

Document Management

Reduce Touches by 91% With Unprecedented Accuracy and Time Savings

Automatically organize, intelligently link, and streamline ingestion of all your paper and digital records, including difficult-to-read documents, scans, pictures, handwritten notes, and more.

  • Eliminate up to 95% of manual and repetitive tasks
  • Improve accuracy and minimize mistakes

  • Streamline and increase workflow speed by up to 6X

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Medical Coding

Gain over 43% Efficiency With Our Revenue Cycle Software Frontend

Outsource your entire medical coding operation, part of it, or use Hank’s best-in-class smart-tech to predict, validate, and augment your entire medical coding workflow.

  • Tap into decades of medical coding and machine learning expertise

  • Reduce in-house labor costs by up to 57% with Hank’s machine augmented coding workflow

  • Quickly scale operations with Hanks’s in-house medical coding experts

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Data Entry

Automatically Capture Over 90% of Data Entry Fields

Significantly reduce data entry costs and improve speed and accuracy with Hank’s smart-tech solutions and in-house experts.

  • Tap into decades of medical coding and machine learning expertise

  • Reduce in-house labor costs by up to 57% with Hank’s machine augmented data entry workflow

  • Quickly scale operations with Hanks’s in-house data entry experts

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Revenue Integrity

Identify Over 90% of Revenue Leakage

Are you getting paid for the services you performed? The Revenue Integrity Analytics (RIA) Audit can look at a year’s worth of data Hank!

This automated service reviews EVERY medical claim record in a specific time period.

  • Evaluate every single medical record through claim payments collections

  • Automatically identify every instance of revenue leakage

  • Train your staff how to recover revenue with customized training and education from Hank’s industry experts

  • Provides meaningful insights into monthly billing data

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Power Your People With Hank Or Have Our Industry Experts Do It All For You

Either way, Hank has you covered.

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We Are A People First AI Company

We Are A People First
AI Company

We believe it is not right that almost 70% of work is repetitive manual tasks that drain business and human capital.

HANK’s Team

HANK Helps Humans.

From the beginning, we founded HANK to help humans by eliminating repetitive and laborious manual tasks. These tasks not only drain human and business capital but also deny people the opportunity to engage in their highest, best, and most creative capacities.

HANK’s Mission & Values

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Here to help you:

  • Find the perfect automation solution, whether it’s using a pre-built industry solution or exploring the creation of a custom solution to fit your use case.

  • Learn how to use HANK to classify, extract, and organize data from difficult-to-read documents, including complex handwritten forms, PDFs, images, emails, and more.

  • Use HANK’s in-house industry experts to outsource processes that cut costs and enable your business to scale and grow.

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