The field of medical coding is experiencing a significant transformation, and’s AutoCoder is playing a pivotal role in this change by utilizing generative AI in medical claims coding. We’re excited to share our latest update to AutoCoder, which is set to significantly enhance the way medical claims are coded, focusing on efficiency and accuracy.

At, we’ve always been committed to making medical claims coding simpler and more straightforward. Our January 2024 update is a testament to this commitment.

Coming in January 24, the New Era of Medical Coding

We’ve combined our unique reasoning algorithm with advanced Generative AI technology, elevating AutoCoder beyond basic claims processing. Now, AutoCoder processes medical records and intelligently determines the most fitting codes for each claim.

This advancement represents a shift from standard processing to informed, context-sensitive decision-making, increasing both the accuracy and consistency of coding.

A standout feature of this update is the inclusion of generative decision trees, which come into play when there’s uncertainty about the final code. AutoCoder now continuously improves with each use, learning and adapting to provide more accurate coding suggestions.

This means coding can now occur at the point of care, mostly automated, with healthcare providers guided by simple decision trees for any remaining tasks. This system, informed by the expertise of HANK’s medical coders, brings a depth of coding knowledge directly to patient care.

Generative AI in Medical Claims Coding

Generative AI is a type of AI that learns from extensive data to generate new, original outputs. It’s like teaching a computer to be innovative and understand patterns and contexts, producing results that go beyond its initial programming.

The use of generative AI in medical claims coding is more than just automation; it represents a significant augmentation of current capabilities. Generative AI can handle repetitive, time-consuming tasks, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on more complex and strategic aspects of their work. In medical coding, this translates to reduced manual input and more time dedicated to patient care.

The future of Generative AI, particularly in specialized fields like healthcare, is highly promising. While many companies are developing general AI models, there’s a unique opportunity for sector-specific advancements, and is seizing this opportunity.

Healthcare specific tools bring new chapter

With our upcoming release, we’re focusing the power of Generative AI on a model specifically designed for healthcare. By integrating advanced reasoning capabilities, we’re filling a critical gap in current AI technologies: the need for detailed, industry-specific decision-making. This approach goes beyond replicating human coding; it aims to enhance it, ensuring greater accuracy and efficiency.

As we approach this new chapter in medical coding, we’re excited about what our updated AutoCoder offers. This update is not just an improvement; it’s a transformative step forward, aligning medical coding more closely with the evolving needs of the healthcare industry.

Stay tuned for more developments as we introduce this leading-edge technology. With’s AutoCoder, the future of medical coding has arrived, and it’s set to be more efficient, accurate, and aligned with healthcare needs than ever before.