Greetings, Darknet enthusiasts!

We are thrilled to share an exciting piece of news that will undoubtedly elevate the future of the Darknet opensource computer vision framework. Today, we are delighted to announce that long-time user and esteemed contributor,, has become the official sponsor and commercial entity behind Darknet.

Darknet has garnered an impressive following over the years, with thousands of dedicated supporters and contributors who have propelled its growth and success. However, we recognize that the project has been in need of broader recognition, expansion, and updates. With stepping in as the new home for Darknet, we are confident that the framework and its passionate community will flourish like never before.

As the official sponsor, is committed to injecting new resources into Darknet, enabling the development of exciting features and establishing a clear roadmap for its future growth. This collaboration promises to breathe new life into the project and usher in a wave of enhancements and innovations.

But that’s not all! is not only investing in the technical aspects of Darknet but is also dedicated to supporting the community in a multitude of ways. One significant area of focus is marketing and outreach. plans to promote Darknet and engage with the community through various channels, including speaking engagements at prestigious conferences such as AllThingsOpen and other noteworthy opensource events. This increased visibility will undoubtedly attract more attention to Darknet, fostering a robust and dynamic community of supporters.

The future of Darknet has never looked brighter. With’s unwavering support, this groundbreaking opensource computer vision framework is set to revolutionize the field. The collaboration between and the Darknet community will foster a vibrant ecosystem of innovation, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration.

We encourage all Darknet users, contributors, and enthusiasts to join us in celebrating this exciting milestone. Together, let us embark on a new chapter filled with possibilities, advancement, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.

Stay tuned for more updates, new features, and invigorating initiatives from the revitalized Darknet framework. The future is now, and together, we will shape it!


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Here’s to an extraordinary future for Darknet and its remarkable community!


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