We’re thrilled to announce that our suite of healthcare products, including ClaimMaker, AutoCoding, and DocuVision, has taken a significant step towards continuous improvement in patient data privacy. Our updates ensure that healthcare organizations can take advantage of enhanced data security, privacy features, and the convenience of single sign-on capability while we continue to strive toward greater levels of patient data privacy and security.

Our multi-tenant architecture guarantees that each client’s data remains separate and secure, regardless of the number of clients using the same software instance. This feature simplifies management and reduces costs for healthcare organizations.

Additionally, our products now offer single sign-on capability, which integrates with major directory service providers like Google GSuite and Microsoft Office 365. This new feature enhances convenience for users as they can access our products using their existing login credentials while we work towards providing even more seamless and secure user experiences.

At HANK ai, we have a strong commitment to continuously improving patient data privacy and security standards in the healthcare industry. Contact us today to learn more about how our products can benefit your organization.