We’re excited to announce the latest release of Hank Claim Maker, version 2.0.5!

This update brings a host of new features that will enhance your experience and streamline your workflow. Let’s take a closer look at the key additions in this release.

  1. Move Case to Another Batch One of the significant new features is the ability to move a case to another batch. This functionality allows you to change the facility and even create a new batch if one doesn’t exist for the targeted date of service (DOS). This flexibility ensures better organization and efficiency when managing your cases.
  2. Move Document(s) to Another Case Now, you can easily move a single document or all documents to another case. This feature not only lets you change the facility and create a new batch if necessary but also provides options to set the source case to ignored/duplicate or delete it entirely after successfully moving the document(s). This empowers you with greater control and simplifies document management within Hank Claim Maker.
  3. Delete a Batch, Case, or Document Hank Claim Maker now allows you to delete (soft delete) a batch, case, or document. Before performing the delete action, the system requires a confirmation from the user. It’s important to note that these soft-deleted items can be recovered by reaching out to the UI Support Team via the provided UI Support Email. This feature gives you the ability to declutter your workspace without the fear of permanent data loss.
  4. Reference a Case using a URL Sharing information with others is made easier with the new URL referencing feature. Authenticated users can obtain a unique URL to directly access a specific case within Hank Claim Maker. This functionality is especially valuable when collaborating with colleagues or sharing case details with external stakeholders. It ensures seamless communication and facilitates efficient collaboration.
  5. Export Warning & Limitation To prevent exceeding the export limit, Hank Claim Maker now provides essential information to users. When selecting a batch for export, the system indicates the number of selected batches and total cases, helping you stay within the 2000-row limit. If the limit is exceeded, exports will not be allowed until the number of selected batches is reduced. This feature ensures compliance with export restrictions and enables smooth data management.
  6. Manual Case Creation DOS The default DOS for manual case creation now defaults to the selected batch DOS. This enhancement saves time by automatically populating the appropriate date of service for newly created cases, aligning them with the batch information.

To get a firsthand look at the new features, we invite you to watch the Hank Claim Maker 2.0.5 Release Video below. The video demonstrates the functionality of the new features described above and provides a visual guide for their implementation.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the latest Hank Claim Maker release. These new features are designed to optimize your workflow, enhance collaboration, and improve overall efficiency. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements as we continue to refine and evolve the Hank Claim Maker platform.

Watch the Hank Claim Maker 2.0.5 Release Video here:

Thank you for being a valued user of Hank Claim Maker!