We are proud of...

Our team

Our core team constitutes over 50 years of machine learning experience and over 40 years of medical billing experience. With two licensed physicians, a professor of AI and Entrepreneurial Engineering, an experienced manufacturing systems engineer, and proven developers with domain expertise ranging from end user experience to hardcore back end data science, Hank is truly set for success for the long term.

  Years of Machine Learning Experience
  Years of Medical Billing Experience

Our Founders

Dr. Jack Neil, MD


A board certified pediatric anesthesiologist with a Bachelor's in Computer Information Systems, Jack is a startup veteran with extensive connections in tech, entrepreneurial, and medical circles.

Sam Hartzog


A senior process control systems engineer with a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering, Sam is the enterprise expert for industrial machine learning at one of the largest brewers in the US.

Our Startup Team (The Real Brains)

  • Travis Goldie

    User Interface and Experience
  • Hasani X

    Branding and Marketing
  • Tracy Marlatt

    Data Operations
  • Scott Thoman

    Servers and Integration